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Active holiday

Active holiday near Meran:

Show one’s mettle!

The unique nature of our landscape, the contrast of populated valleys and proud mountains, the particular flora and the naturally grown, in part still very original infrastructure at higher altitudes make Meraner Land a place for active self-realization. Here we are not set on a particular sport or a specific physical form of recreation activity, almost everything is actually available: from indigenous Nordic walking to paragliding. An active holiday in Meran is like a big offer, where you can choose, without restrictions.

Show one’s mettle

At Klarnerhof you are at starting point

Spending an active holiday, may already begin with the fact, that you finally have the time to dedicate to cultural treasures, ancient walls or magnificent parks of our holiday region. And this is also our invitation to you as our guests: to wander with open eyes through Meraner Land and discover our lovely South Tyrolean world – an activity that will enrich you also later once back home. If you spend a lot of time in the office, comply social obligations, take care of your children, each active moment is welcome. Perhaps begin already in our hotel gym. Make a few relaxing laps in the pool. Enjoy the panoramic views. And then immerge yourself into the active holiday life!

At Klarnerhof you are at starting point

Everything within reach

Active vacationers often have a very clear idea of what they want to accomplish on site. Set goals, develop a healthy ambition. We will be glad to help you, when you need to choose a location for your preferred sport, to find the closest rental station, to reach places and get more interesting information about the region. Should you spend an active holiday in Meran for the first time and you are still in a testing phase, we have also a few prepared tips for you. One is: Listen to your inner voice and follow it, on a panoramic hike, riding your mountain bike, on a golf course or in a climbing area. Here with us you live in a place, where you can find the best conditions for outside activities at door’s step.

Everything within reach