Mountainbike trails

Mountainbike trails

Your bike holiday near Meran

The most mountain bikers choose their holiday region based on how it meets their individual needs. Families, leisure bikers, free riders or professionals, they all have their very personal desires, which should be reflected in the profile and the charisma of a landscape.
Mountainbike trails
Mountainbike trails
Mountain air and a Mediterranean climate, lush meadows and rugged cliffs: the choice is yours. In a small area all this is possible.
And what about Meraner Land? This is so varied in its possibilities that a cycling holiday around Meran offers the right opportunities for almost everyone. We have routes for all abilities, those that lead you through idyllic orchards and vineyards and also those who demand all your skills on a challenging single track.

Around Meran
The basin of Meran is ideal for cozy cross-country tours. Here in Etschtal there are many asphalt roads that can be travelled already at the beginning of the year. In summer months the heat in the valley is often quite oppressive and we suggest you to direct your bike best towards higher altitude in the region.

In Passeiertal
Above all, the area around Schenna, where you live as our guest, is popular among mountain bikers. Who spends a bike holiday near Meran will find a bike school on-site and can take part in their guided tours.

In the land of Haflinger
Above Meran and above the tree line, there are many high pastures. The along-withdrawing trails here are usually created in a natural way: beaten track of the famouse Haflinger horses living here. From here you enjoy wonderful panoramic views, but must pay attention to rootedness and other specific conditions of this terrain.

Direction Vinschgau
The region around Naturns has got an extremely dry climate. Here trails run through a quite narrow valley along Sonnen and Nördersberg.

Through Ultental
From Lana you go from Etschtal into Ultental. Here a lot of things are still as in the past: ancient, picturesque farms and gardens, plenty of woods. Therefore trails lead often among stately trees, where quite technical abilities are required to the bikers in the middle of this mountain landscape.