Paragliding - Holiday with ideal conditions

No-limit fun

Our Meraner Land is uniquely beautiful. From the many belvedere points around the valleys you have a fantastic view of bizarre rock formations, green slopes, graceful churches, vineyards, apple orchards and picturesque castles.
Many flight routes at door’s step
Directly in Schenna there is the tandem club Ifinger Hirzer. This offers a whole range of wonderful routes in tandem: with start at about 1,400 meters above sea level on Hochmut towards the village of Tirol or a thermal flying above the mountain station Hirzer with start at 2100 meters. Upon request, the whole flight is recorded with photos. If you already have a pilot’s licence, you can also rent all the equipment there.
But you can live an even better, even more limitless and detached experience seeing our region from above, from the perspective of an eagle. As experienced paraglider, here you find your dream conditions. And who has never levied on silent wings in the air, we can only recommend it: Make of paragliding the highlight of your holiday.

Safe tandem flight
Sure, at the beginning of one of them you will perceive a certain amount of overcoming. But if you’ve ever watched seasoned paragliders on start-up, you would have seen their relaxed faces – and then the joy that finally starts! As a beginner, it is better to start in tandem flight, with a professional, certified pilot of one of our paragliding clubs. Both fliers run a short distance downhill together and stand out slightly into the air. The professional at your side will surely bring you back and turn the flight into a lasting experience. Whether in Passeiertal or high above Meran, our South Tyrol is ideal for a paragliding holiday and this also very close to our hotel.