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Paths along irrigation channels in Vinschgau

Built near water, but very idyllic:

paths along irrigation channels in Meraner Land:

No, our “Waalwege” have nothing to do with “whales”. Among other differences, here giants are written with an A. Nevertheless, our South Tyrolean Waalwege are related to water. They were created already several centuries ago as narrow channels to ensure fields irrigation. Even today, they provide their valuable service and are maintained by the so-called “Waalern”. Every year around the market period of “Georgi” in spring is in Schenna water is directed in canal (Waal) and provides its service to farmers till autumn.

paths along irrigation channels in Meraner Land

The favourite routes of South Tyrolean people

Along these surface water channels there are many hiking trails, which have become famous in Meraner Land as irrigation channels. There are countless “Waalwege” in our surroundings. They usually do not have a high gradient and run mostly just along sunny slopes. You can hike there all year long. They are comfortable to walk, have almost no slopes and offer great views of distant mountain ranges. Therefore, they are appreciated by South Tyrolean people as comfortable routes for Sunday walks with the whole family. There is something very contemplative walking along gurgling water. Especially hikers are in good hands here.

The favourite routes of South Tyrolean people

Our suggestion for paths along irrigation channels

Meran Waalrunde runs around the basin of Meran and connects eleven irrigation channels with a total length of 80 kilometers. Schenner Waalweg runs from the romantic Masulschlucht to the Naif Valley. To our guests we recommend Marl Waalweg, Algunder-Waal and Untermaiser-Waal.

The “Waaleg” located in Vinschgau which leads you to Schloss Juval is a special recommendation. It dates back to the 16th century and runs at first under shady chestnut trees, then along sun-drenched slopes till under the castle. This is home for one of the most remarkable Messner Mountain Museums. Also Tscharser Schnalswaal from Galsaun to Juval from year 1504 is worth a tour. Along 11 kilometers a lot is offered to the traveller, including an original “Waalerhütte” and a “Waalschelle”.