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To visit in Schenna and surroundings

Your tip for your next trip to and around Schenna:

Your tip for your next trip to and around Schenna

Old Parish Church

The roots of this strictly structured, towering church date back to the 12th / 13th century. The building was completely redesigned in the 16th century. Worth seeing are the well-preserved frescoes from the 14th century, which show, among other, scenes from the legend of St. John and St. Pancras, and the baroque high altar with statues of St. Francis Xavier and Johann Nepomuk from the year 1730.

St. Georg church

This interesting round church dates back to the 12th / 13th century. Its frescoes from the late Middle Ages are not second to those in the Parish Church.


In the 12th century the two-aisled chapel received its original form according to the Carolingian pattern. It is the oldest monument in our town, restored in 1922. The late Gothic altar was moved in the 16th century to the Parish Church.

Schloss Schenna

Every visitor of Schenna should have been at least once in the castle through a tour of the local painting and portrait gallery, art and weapons collection and the many impressive exhibits about the history of Tyrol. Here also the largest private Andreas Hofer’s collection is housed, as well as mementos of Archduke Johann, whose descendants inhabit the castle today.


The conspicuous grave chapel of red sandstone and granite houses the marble sarcophagus of Archduke Johann and his wife Anna Countess of Meran – a place of silence and meditation, but also a wonderful belvedere point.

Schloss Tirol

Picturesquely situated behind town Tirol, this defiant walls is the former ancestral castle of the Counts of Tyrol and the true birthplace of the country. Today it hosts the South Tyrol Museum for Culture and History.


If you are travelling around the castle and village Tirol, Brunnenburg should be on your program. These fortifications from the High Middle Ages were romantically restored in the 20th century and today is both a memorial site to the poet Ezra Pound, who lived here some time ago and a Museum of Agriculture, where various rare breeds of domestic animals can be visited.

Our region is so rich in attractions that we cannot list all of them here. We will inform you at the hotel about other interesting destinations in Meran.